If you are a fan of street art or video games, you probably know the “Invaders” mosaics, inspired by the characters of the “Space Invaders” game, released in the late 70s.

The “invasion” begins in 1996, when the first of these mosaics inspired by the game Space Invaders is placed in a street near the Place de la Bastille. Since then, not less than 1,300 pieces, all unique, have appeared in the streets of Paris, with longer or shorter lengths of life, some being removed by dissatisfied owners, others stolen to be sold on Internet. Today, they are an integral part of the city’s landscape as well as other Parisian icons such as the Wallace fountain or newsstands, and you can even see them in certain cities abroad.

Since January 2017, it is the turn of the Musée en Herbe to become the playground of the artist Invader. Young visitors and their parents are invited to immerse themselves in the artist’s universe through a thematic journey unveiling more than a hundred original works. Arcade terminals, a large interactive world map, Rubik’s cubes, a wall of magnets and many other facilities will allow them to play with the work of Invader. A unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of one of the pioneers of street art whose work has repeatedly referred to the universe of childhood.

But that’s not all ! To extend the adventure, the artist also created a smartphone application. With it, you can take photos of the mosaics you find on the street, earn points, and see your name in a ranking with all the other players.
Go hunt Invaders in Paris and elsewhere, and never again will you walk the streets in the same way!

Le Musée en Herbe – 23, rue de L’Arbre-Sec 75001 Paris

Le Musée en Herbe

Open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm without interruption, holidays and public holidays
Nocturne on Thursdays until 9 pm
Exceptional closure on 24 and 31 December at 5 pm
Closed on December 25 and January 1
“Flash Invaders” app available on App Store and Google Play Store

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