It is the first American church established on a foreign soil. The church is considered as an inter-denominational and protestant congregation with roots dating back to 1814.

Its beginning may be traced to the needs of American Protestants living in France in 1814, who sought a place to worship God in their native English language.

The first workship service was held in the apartment of an American merchant, and in 1815 the French Reformed Church opened the doors of its church, the Oratoire du Louvre, to these Americans, providing a place for them to hold regular services. People of all nationalities and denominational backgrounds were welcome to worship.

Inside the Church building , there are 2 bilingual schools , fitness club . you can attend free concerts , clubs and there is also the possibility to check for jobs or useful information you may need .

The american Church is also very wellknown for the ‘ Elopment wedding ‘ ( the bride comes to Paris to celebrate her wedding just the 2 of them or with small families ) .

American Church of Paris :

65, quai D’orsay 75007 PARIS
Métro 8 Invalides

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